Collaboration with Katarina Richter-Lunn and Sana Sharma
Teaching Fellow: Dan Tish
SCI 6338 | Introduction to Computational Design | Assignment 01
Harvard Graduate School of Design | Fall 2019
Using solely C# components in Grasshopper3D design a 2.5-dimensional space for a family of intense objects.​​​​​​​
Our initial inspiration for this assignment came from the motion of ferrofluids, which are liquids that become strongly magnetized in the presence of magnetic fields. The ferrous particles within the liquid move in response to the magnetic field, changing the form of the liquid, overall.
A volumetric space was created. To define how the attractors would behave in relation to this space in relation to the manipulated volumes,  a bounding box and a 2D array of attractor points on each facade was created. Indexing through the attractor array produced a jolting motion and discrete volumetric shapes.
To create smoother motion of the objects, we defined curves along each facade of our bounding box. Subdividing the curves created a list of points that we could cycle through to create the appearance of smooth motion for the attractors along each face.
The final piece combines a volumetric bounding box, multiple moving attractors and manipulability of objects to produce ferrofluid-inspired behavior in the intense objects.
Tests with other Primitive Shapes 
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