Spring 2019
Collaboration with Ingrid Lilligren
Lilligren asked me to map Braille text to a series of 3D printed porcelain cylinders. The text will relay information regarding the melting of the polar ice. A preliminary text in both English and Braille and a test print can be seen to the right. These vases will be part of her installation at the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, NCECA, where she placed ice into the unfired vases and allowed them to dissolve over the course of the four-day exhibit.
“Percentage of fresh water on the planet as ice in 1918 was 71%”
 An example text in both English and Braille.
The entire braille text is divided into a rectangular grid, each braille letter is composed of 6 cells. The white portions of the grid are culled while the black portions remain creating the text on the vase with overhanging loops.
A vase printing on a Potterbot 7 ceramic 3D printer in porcelain with a 5 mm diameter nozzle.
The ten Braille vases slowly melting during the exhibition.
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