Summer 2016 | Iowa State University | College of Design
Professors: Leslie Forehand + Tom Leslie 
Site: Scott Chapel Drake University Des Moines, Iowa 
My design arrived from observations of the point cloud; its ability to provide full understanding of space with massive information collected from individual points. Even if there is an absence of information, which often occurs with this documentation methodology, the eye is capable of filling the gap. My project investigates the concept of fractures and materially cuts into the building placing glass in the apertures. Since the majority of the chapel is symmetrical the eye can fill in or recreate the missing pieces. Throughout the course used stippling to help me to better understand the point cloud. For these drawings I stippled at two scales. The first of these is from a more zoomed out view to depict that the further one gets from the point cloud the more distinct it becomes but lacks detail. The second scale is zoomed in making it more difficult to know what one is looking at but there is more detail with points. By combining these two scales one can begin to understand the distortion of the point cloud. This distortion helped to develop the concept for my model.
Section Perspective
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