Spring 2016
Professor: Shelby Doyle
This seminar was an introduction to digital fabrication. We were tasked with creating maps and models used Iowa to help guide its design. Each model used a different fabrication technique.

Map + Model One The laser cutter to create a chipboard model without using glue. My map used opacity to signify population density. The model used height to denote the populations.
Map + Model Two
Laser cutting in conjunction with 3D printed joints were required for the second model. This map and model depicts Iowa’s main transportation methods; railroads
, highways, and rivers. 

Map + Model Three
Using the laser cutter to create a mold to pour plaster in. My map and model are an abstraction of Iowa’s topography. 
Map + Model Four
The final model was created with a CNC router. It showed land use in Iowa most specifically that of forest (milled) vs. farmland (not milled).
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