Fall 2016 | Iowa State University | College of Design
Collaboration with Liza Walling and Bethanie Jones
Professor: Mitchell Squire

This project was a critique on data and our love affair with social media and instant gratification. The central core of the underground structure is a data center which heats the surrounding bath house. The site is flooded so that one will not have a clear idea of the program until entering. Each level has a different program including saunas, a restaurant, heated baths, cafes, showers and massages. One follows the double helix ramps down to the base which houses the largest bath which is filled with Ocean water. This project was meant to be disconcerting and ambiguous due to our lack of understanding of big data and its intrusion into our lives.
Above, a three cubic foot plaster model was created. Backlit resin encased 3D printed figures  were placed in the apertures. 
Flooded entrance to the bathhouse.
Axonometric Drawing
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